Sales Training Series

LMT Media Partners' sales training series may be conducted as half-day or full-day program or hourly workshops. All sessions include interactive activities and role-playing.

Topics include:

  • How To Get Appointments
  • How to sell a launch publication
  • Marketing/Value-Add Programs—Multi-Media Sales
  • Negotiating Tips
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Presentation Skills—Formal/Informal/Sales Call Protocol
  • Prospecting Tips
  • Sales Calls—Basics and Preparation
  • Sales Organizing Skills
  • Sales Time Management Tools
  • Sharpening The Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Writing Tips for Sales Letters/Emails and Proposals

The full day sales training seminar covers similar topics and exercises in a one-day session that runs from 8-5 p.m.

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