Sales Advisor

Lisa Turner offers specific programs to support your ad sales team.

Unique Selling Proposition—Overcoming Objections

Your sales team should be presenting the same key selling points about the media they are representing. They should also be secure in how to handle the sales objections that are specific to your media. Often a sales team is not “singing from the same song sheet.” This one-day session is designed to help the sales staff explore and agree upon your media company’s unique selling proposition, uncover the main sales objections to your media and develop a consensus for how these objections can be overcome.

Sales Presentations

LMT Media Partners will create a sales presentation for your publication that can be used for any sales situation. The presentation includes a script to guide your sales team in how best to use the presentation.

Media Kit Review and Analysis

This offers the opportunity to have a third-person perspective of your media kit. Media kit review includes a checklist of what every media kit should include, review of unique selling proposition, presentation of research, circulation, demographics.

Sales Team Coach

LMT Media Partners will work with your sales staff individually and/or as a team to coach them on advertising sales to help them build their skills. This includes one-on-one reviews and strategy sessions on key accounts and sales proposals. Sales coaching services can be conducted as a one-time program or as an ongoing program.

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